API Design: Masterclass on the Fundamentals of Designing and Building Great Web API

Learn how to design and build great web APIs

This module offers a big picture overview of the process of the API lifecycle including details on designing, building, deploying, and maintaining great APIs. We’ll talk about the Foundations of API-First and the connection between HTTP, the Web, and REST. We’ll review the API Design process including modeling, designing, and describing your APIs. We’ll also cover the process of building production APIs from your designs including the importance of API sketches and prototypes before you commit to the final build.

We’ll also review the importance of testing and securing your APIs along with the process of automated deployment including continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment.

Finally, we’ll cover the work of safely modifying existing production APIs including the “First do no harm” principle, the three rules of modifying existing APIs and how to handle both testing and deployment of API modifications. We’ll even talk about the right way to shutdown an existing production API without causing needless pain to your existing users.

Whether you’re new to the API space or an experienced developer, designer, or maintainer, this summary course will help you in your journey to designing and building great APIs.

Who's it for?

Who's it for?

  • VPs of Application Development
  • VPs of Engineering
  • API Developers looking for scaling their practices
  • Architects
  • Software engineers
  • Platform and DevOps engineers
What you will learn

What you will learn

  • Designing, building, deploying, and maintaining APIs
  • The API design process including modeling, designing, and describing your APIs
  • Foundations of API-First and the connection between HTTP, the Web, and REST
  • Testing and securing your APIsModifying existing production APIs
What you will walk away with

What you will walk away with

  • A framework for the process of the API lifecycle
  • The API design process
  • The foundation of API-First thinking
  • A roadmap to design, build, deploy, and maintain your APIs

Your Guide

Mike Amundsen, Author and Speaker on APIs, Microservices, and Digital Transformation

Mike Amundsen

An internationally known author and speaker, Mike Amundsen consults with organizations around the world on network architecture, Web development, and the intersection of technology & society.

He works with companies large and small to help them capitalize on the opportunities provided by APIs, Microservices, and Digital Transformation. Amundsen has authored numerous books and papers.

He contributed to the O’Reilly book, “Continuous API Management” (2018). His “RESTful Web Clients”, was published by O’Reilly in February 2017 and he co-authored “Microservice Architecture” (June 2016). His latest book — ”Design and Build Great APIs” — for Pragmatic Publishing, is scheduled for release in early 2020.