API Product Manager: Masterclass on the Basic Principles of an API Product Management

Learn the basic of the role of an API Product Manager in your company

This module provides an overview of the Product Manager’s responsibilities in ensuring quality and well-adopted APIs. We’ll go through the key principles of API design for Product Managers, and how to apply standard Product Management principles to an API strategy.

We’ll cover the essentials of API design processes and practices that should be applied when planning an API. Namely, we’ll provide examples of design-driven principles to align APIs to the use cases of your developer community. Then we’ll share an overview of REST and how it helps to scale APIs. We’ll teach key concepts in backwards compatibility and other practices to follow to maintain the trust of your developer community.

This module is intended for Product Managers, and anyone involved in the design of APIs.

Who's it for?

Who's it for?

  • Product Managers
  • Engineering Managers
  • Engineers
  • Anyone involved in the design of APIs, especially external-facing
  • APIs
What you will learn

What you will learn

  • Design-First principles of APIs
  • Identifying use cases for APIs
  • Basics of REST and CRUD in APIs
  • Backwards compatibility and other principles for scale
What you will walk away with

What you will walk away with

  • An understanding of Product Management principles in the context of APIs
  • Basic frameworks that help to design APIs for real use cases
  • Best practices to ensure APIs you design will be scalable.

Your Guide

Jeremy Glassenberg, Product Management & Platform Leader | APIs, FinTech, Marketplace, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

Jeremy Glassenberg

I’m an experienced Product leader of over 16 years with a proven track record of building APIs and growing developer ecosystems at successful startups such as Box and Tradeshift. I’ve managed and expanded communities of tens of thousands of developers, executed high-profile integrations promoted by Salesforce and Google, and led application marketplaces that were key to their companies’ growth and retention. While focused on Product Management and APIs, I also manage developer relation programs and application marketplaces.